Holy Trinity Church

HTC was founded by pastor Todd Hunter. Located in Costa Mesa, CA, our church is made up of people of all ages, from all over the Southern California area. For more information, please visit our church website - Holy Trinity Church

Accidental Anglican

Todd Hunter chronicles his journey from the Jesus People movement and national leadership in the Vineyard to eventually becoming an Anglican Bishop. Along the way he explains why an evangelical Christian might be drawn to the liturgical way. Curious about the meaning of liturgy? Come and discover what may be waiting for you there. Amazon

Upcoming Telos Event

Not a conference. Not a seminar. A teaching-retreat. Our story, as seen in the pages of the Bible and in the narrative of church history, reveals how God rescues people from traps, secures freedom, grants fresh starts and empowers new beginnings. He fits us for life in the Kingdom. Through this process we grow into his image by apprenticing ourselves to Jesus. - Corona del Mar Event