Our Favorite Sins

Our Favorite Sins by Todd Hunter.

Informed by exclusive Barna research findings and more than three decades of pastoral experience, Our Favorite Sins shines a revealing light on temptation for contemporary readers and demonstrates how ancient, liturgical, and sacramental forms of Christian spirituality can assist a follower of Jesus in defeating temptation and getting victory over sin.

Our Favorite Sins provides the only resource that matches a perceptive awareness of the sins we face today with the solutions and strategies employed by our brothers and sisters who trod similar paths in centuries past.

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Christianity Beyond Belief

Christianity Beyond Belief by Todd Hunter

What If You Knew You Were Going to Live Tomorrow? You’ve prayed the sinner’s prayer. You know that if you die tonight, you’ll go to heaven. But Todd Hunter believes Christianity is a life, not merely a secure death. Which means that eternal life–abundant life–begins on earth, as soon as we become a follower of Jesus. Drawing from his leadership and ministry experience as president of Alpha USA and from his own study and life experiences as an ordinary Christian, Hunter calls us to reframe our salvation and discipleship to focus on life, instead of just heaven and hell. God’s intention, he says, is for us to become God’s cooperative friends, seeking to live consistent lives of creative goodness for the sake of others. These pages lead us into this abundant way of living, offering

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The Accidental Anglican

The Accidental Anglican by Todd Hunter.

Many are longing for historical connectedness and for theology that is “not tied to the whims of contemporary culture, but to apostolic-era understandings of Christian faith and practice.” They also yearn for rhythms and routines that build spiritual health. Still others are responding to a call to participate in worship rather than merely sitting back and looking at a stage. Liturgy offers all of this and more. In this book Todd Hunter chronicles his journey from the Jesus People movement and national leadership in the Vineyard to eventually becoming an Anglican Bishop. Along the way he explains why an evangelical Christian might be drawn to the liturgical way. Curious about the meaning of liturgy? Come and discover what may be waiting for you there.

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Giving Church Another Chance

Giving Church Another Chance by Todd Hunter

2011 Golden Canon Leadership Book Award winner! Everybody wants to be spiritual. But nobody wants to be religious. Everybody is looking for a rich spiritual life. But nobody is looking to church. As a pastor, Todd Hunter found himself disillusioned, burned out and needing to drop out of traditional forms of church. He experimented with house churches and other options but was still dissatisfied. Eventually he found himself sneaking off to worship services on Sunday mornings with surprising results. What did the historic spiritual practices of church do for him? How did they lead to a life of centered peace, chart a path to simplicity and cause him to reach out to others while focusing on the glory of God? Walk with Hunter on this journey to find spiritual riches in a surprising place. You might just give church another chance.

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