Our Favorite Sins – NEW

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR BEATING TEMPTATION "Todd Hunter is the only man I know who can talk about sin with an appealing easiness and, at the time, with an equally appealing candor.  I can almost guarantee that you'll enjoy his conversation and end up very grateful for having had the chance to read it." - [...]

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TELOS Events – Launched

The ministry of Telos emerges from the loves and passions of Todd Hunter: helping seekers of all kinds—churched or unchurched—hear the Gospel afresh and to then describe the practical implications of rehearing of the Gospel for contemporary evangelism and spiritual formation (discipleship/followership of Jesus). The New Testament Greek word telos can be best described as [...]

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Churches for the Sake of Others

Kingdom Focus, Missional Encounters Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO) is led by Bishop Todd Hunter. As an initiative of the Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMiA), C4SO is launching a church planting movement designed to develop leaders committed to planting Kingdom-based, missional churches located primarily, but not exclusively, on the West Coast of [...]

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3 is Enough Groups

3 is Enough God’s purpose for us is that we become his cooperative friends and serve others in our everyday lives. 3 is Enough (3iE) provides an imagination and structure...

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