“Todd Hunter is the only man I know who can talk about sin with an appealing easiness and, at the time, with an equally appealing candor.  I can almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy his conversation and end up very grateful for having had the chance to read it.”

– Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence

With more than thirty years of pastoral experience, Todd D. Hunter knows that most people – himself included – struggle every day with temptation.  All too often, we fail and fall, and some of us are at our wit’s end, utterly defeated.  What do we do to get a grip on the sin in our life and live like God wants?

Falling for temptation isn’t inevitable.  We don’t have to lose the fight.  In fact, we can win if we understand the root of the problem and what Christians have done from the beginning to beat it.  Our Favorite Sins shines a much-needed light in our lives’ dark corners and reveals the time-tested methods for getting victory over sin.

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