The ministry of Telos emerges from the loves and passions of Todd Hunter: helping seekers of all kinds—churched or unchurched—hear the Gospel afresh and to then describe the practical implications of rehearing of the Gospel for contemporary evangelism and spiritual formation (discipleship/followership of Jesus).

The New Testament Greek word telos can be best described as end. But not end as in “this is the end of the bench—move over any more and you’ll fall off!” But rather “the bench is finished being constructed. It is completed”. That is to say the intention the Designer/God had in mind is now fulfilled.  Telos also implies the purpose for which something exists. For example, a cup exists for the sake of holding liquid, water for the sake of hydration, books for the sake of reading. From telos, we get the everyday words like ideal, intention, purpose, function, or goal.

It has been well established that there’s a certain should-ness to life—that all things exist in direct alignment to their intended functions. This seems to be an obvious fact. Who can deny the frustration of a malfunctioning printer, or a car out of alignment? Or, who would fail to see the goodness of a well-functioning air bag?

But, from the point of view of Divine Intention, what is the telos for human life—for followers of Jesus? To what end are we to live? Just how should one live to reach that end? Philosophical and spiritual theories range from pleasure-centered hedonism to duty-bound and rigid ethics within religious legalism. We need a Divine-telos-based, simple and doable way forward. Here is my idea: Jesus, Our Master….we, his Apprentices.

One thing we know. Even a cursory review of Jesus’ life models for his followers would show two central practices: a journey inward, and a journey outward.1 The former reveals the path to our spiritual transformation into Christlikeness. It suggests Christian spiritual exercises such as rest, silence, solitude, petition, friendship, self-control, worship, study and even leisure. The later reminds us that the pursuit of piety is never selfish, but always for the sake of others. These Jesus-traits are made manifest by his constant and loving care for others—his witness to God and God’s kingdom; his compassion, generosity, kindness, healing, deliverance, intercession, and sacrifice.

In short, the life of Jesus demonstrates a distinct pattern. Within his daily life we see spiritual rhythms and routines, directing and making possible both the inward journey of discipleship, and the outward journey of evangelism and care-for-the-other.

Telos Events aim to follow this Jesus-pattern, ultimately focusing our activities on two worthy ends:


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About the Author:

Bishop Todd Hunter of the Anglican Mission in the Americas, is the founding pastor of Holy Trinity Church, an Anglican church in Costa Mesa, California, founder of Telos Events and author of Christianity Beyond Belief (IVP 2009), Giving Church Another Chance (IVP Spring, 2010) and The Outsider Interviews (Baker Books, 2012). Todd is also the founding director of Churches for the Sake of Others, the West Coast church planting initiative for The Anglican Mission in the Americas. Prior to his work with the Anglican Mission in the Americas, Todd founded Three is Enough, a small group movement that makes spiritual formation doable.