The ministry of Telos emerges from the loves and passions of Todd Hunter: helping seekers of all kinds—churched or unchurched—hear the Gospel afresh and to then describe the practical implications of rehearing of the Gospel for contemporary evangelism and spiritual formation (discipleship/followership of Jesus).

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What will happen at a Telos event?

When one arrives at a Telos event, they will notice something different.  It is not so much a seminar or a conference.  It is more like a teaching-retreat.  At a Telos event, a participant will experience a time to connect with God through silence, teaching, small group interaction and Holy Communion.  Telos concludes by each guest being sent on mission with a life infused with new meaning and purpose.  The teachings will incorporate the core principles from Todd’s books on Kingdom living and spiritual formation for the sake of others.

Why should I come to a Telos event?

“In our over-calendared and over-indebted world, we all need moments to stop, reflect in silence, rehear God’s Story, stimulate our imagination, dialogue with others, learn, eat at the Table and be sent out as Christ’s ambassadors in our everyday, ordinary life.”

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